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      1. 外国语中心



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            汉语 加官方





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            Wuxi Mandarin Education School

              Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

              The Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, founded in 1917, is a top-ranked, world-renowned research university. As the oldest financial university in China, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has developed its own spirit over the years. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics places much emphasis on being industrious, having a consciousness of all things economic, and making contributions to society. With Shanghai University of Finance and Economics now increasingly opening itself to the outside world, it aims to showcase this spirit as well as its outstanding teaching quality. 
              Focusing on Applied Economics and Management Science, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics’s approach is multidisciplinary, utilizing elements of finance, economics, management, law and science. China’s rapid economic expansion has much impacted Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, which is now bustling with activity. In 1981, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics became the first financial university awarded the right to grant doctoral degrees. In addition, it was among the first nine schools to be selected as an MBA Experimental Education Base and one of the first schools to set up a post-doctoral program in economics. In 1996, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics joined the “211 Project,” a program to build 100 key universities, after a fierce competition, and in the same year, it also became a member of another national project to build outstanding universities. In 2002, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics became the first mainland university to offer master’s programs in Hong Kong. Moreover, all of its programs continue to exceed world standards and are imbued with modernity, internationality and cutting-edge information. 
              Centers and Research Institutes 
              Shanghai University of Finance and Economics’s guiding principle is that scientific research is necessary for the evolution of academic disciplines and that such development in turn fosters economic growth. Accordingly, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics houses many dynamic think-tanks. Among the most renowned of these are the Institute of Accounting and Finance, the Institute of Finance & Economics Research, the Institute of Higher Education, the Research Center for Regional Economics, the Research Center of Public Policy, the Modern Finance Research Center, the Research Center of Marketing, the Center for Economic Philosophy Studies, the Research Center for Applied Statistics, the Research Institute of Marxism, the Institute of World Expo Economics, the Financial Education Performance Evaluation Center, and the Research Center for Top 500 Enterprises. 
              Teaching Resources 
              Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has quite advanced teaching resources. For example, there is a brand-new E-center for Independent English Learning that houses a rich selection of English-learning tools. The university also uses the Blackboard Academic Suite, which helps teachers and students electronically connect, communicate and collaborate most effectively. In addition, there are cutting-edge laboratories and abundant research materials on campus serving the fields of Finance, Economics, Accounting and Economic Journalism. Furthermore, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has an internet-enabled computer network that links administrative offices, academic departments, student dormitories and classrooms. 
              International Cooperation 
              Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has embraced internationalization and regularly collaborates with such institutions as the World Bank’s Economic Development Institute (EDI), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). In addition, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics works well with international professional organizations, such as the UK’s Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Canada’s Certified General Accountants (CGA), the USA’s Life Office Management Association (LOMA), the UK’s Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), and the British Insurance Actuary Association (BIAA). In addition, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics also cooperates with many foreign universities, including Webster University (USA), the University of Southampton (UK), the University of Brunel (UK), Deakin University (Australia), the University of Vaasa (Finland), Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Gifu University (Japan). So far, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has created six joint undergraduate programs, has signed multiple foreign-exchange agreements and has established several training centers for international examinations. 
              Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has four campuses. The main campus, the undergraduate education hub, is on Guoding Road. The North Zhongshan No.1 Road Campus is home to MBA programs, international students and many talented professionals. The Wuchuan Road Campus is a new education base for both undergraduate and graduate students. Finally, there is the Wudong Road Campus, which is currently under construction. 
              Main Features 
              In all, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics’s undergraduate program has three main features: 1) a comprehensive, multi-pronged monitoring and evaluation mechanism, 2) a strong desire to cultivate innovative experts in Finance, Economics and Management and three ) a focus on worldwide cooperation.

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