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          Mandarin Student Zack
          Mandarin Education School is a great place to learn Chinese and Chinese Culture.I've learned a lot in this school, my Chine...

          Learn Chinese Travel China
          If you want to learn Chinese and also discover China, Mandarin Education organize the most funny and cultural study tour. The...

          suzhou Mandarin Jude
          I am Jude, I am learning Mandarin in Suzhou Mandarin School,I was learning in Wuxi Mandarin Education too.I like my Chinse Teacher...

          chinese class
          Improve your reading, speaking and your writing by experiencing our teaching methods,Offer free student Visa. ...

          Wuxi Mandarin Jessie
          I've learned Chinese for almost 8 years, I can understand what Chinese people say,but when I speak, I feel very uncomfor...

          Chinese Internship or Jobs
          You are looking for a professional experience abroad? Get the opportunity to discover the Chinese business,Look for an ...

          Mandarinedu Student Florent
          I love my Wuxi Mandarin Education School. It is the EASY MANDARIN Learning way, I am learning faster than I wanted.My teach...

          Mandarin E Learning
          Mandarin Education School offers you Online Chinese Courses. It has never been so easier to have Chinese courses ...

          Mandarin Student Brad
          I am studying Chinese in Mandarin Education School. I can speak quit good Chinese and talk to Chinese people by myself. Thank...

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            Wechat: MandarinGroup

            to get more informations

            School Telephone:

            0086 1866 1199 988

            0086  510-81151808






            Mandarin Education School

            Room 405, 4 Fl,Building No.8,

            Maoye Business Center,

            Chang jiang No.1,

            New district , Wuxi City , China

              Wuxi Mandarinedu, found in 2010, is one of the earliest Chinese language education and international exchange institutions in China. After eight years'hard work, Mandarinedu has grown into a well-known international education brand overseas. In China, there are direct campuses and test centers in Wuxi, Nanjing, Suzhou, Changzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, Beijing, Hangzhou (preparatory) and so on. There are many cooperative institutions, teaching bases and teacher export centers overseas such as Sydney, Paris, Seoul and Tokyo.     

            1.汉语??化教学服务 Chinese Language Teaching Service?? ?? ? ?? ?? ???


            To provide professional, interesting, relaxed and effective Chinese language for learners who is a member of foreign enterprise, immigrant families and foreign student studying in China all over the world.

            2. HSK汉语?平考试 HSK Level examination HSK ??? ?? ??


            HSK, HSKK, YCT and BCT launched by Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban

            3. 对外汉语教师输出Output of Teachers who teach foreigners Chinese 

            ?? ?????? ??? ???


            Excellent Chinese teachers are sent as expatriates to North America, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia and Chinese teacher volunteers from Hanban are selected and exported.

            4. 引智全球-??资源配置项?Intellectualization of Global-Human Resource Allocation Item ??? ??-?? ?? ?? ???? ??


            Hunt for excellent talents from overseas

             Why do we choose overseas Interns?

            a.Multilingual advantages. 

            * Help to make authentic propaganda materials in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and other languages.

            * Write authentic correspondence and telecommunications to solve communication and coordination problems in foreign work.

            b.The Background and Local Resources of Famous Overseas Schools.

            * Keep knowing the latest developments and technology of the industry in time.

            * Connecting and expanding new overseas channels.

            c.Cross-cultural talent and international vision.

            * Enliven the atmosphere of company and team all times, broaden thinking and innovation.

            * Improve the English level of employees andthe integration of Chinese and Western Thinking.

            * Without salary, living allowances are simple, and the cost of labour is reduced.

            The major of tranees cover:

            In Europe, there are more than 600 school professors who collect networks. Their majors are basically covered:Science and Engineering, such as Mechanical/IT and Software/Engineering/Electrical/Pharmaceutical/Chemical New Energy/Environmental Science, and Business Managing such as Market Development/Business Marketing/Announcement Law/Financial/Business Management.

             About cost:

            During the internship period, there is no salary, only living allowance and accommodation can be provided; there is no other cost between you and our company.

             About visa:

            All medical examination, insurance and visa procedures of tranees are assisted by us with legal visa procedures.

             End of internship:

            After the internship, the tranees can return to school, and the Chinese teachers begin to recommend the new ones to continue the internship. After part of tranees finnished their internship, if they performed well, they can stay longer.The credits for the tranees need your company to give a simple evaluation of the internship when the internship is finnished. We have a template of internship evaluation.

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