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            Mandarin Education School

            Room 405, 4 Fl,Building No.8,

            Maoye Business Center,

            Chang jiang No.1,

            New district , Wuxi City , China

            Yesterday, teacher Xin visited the Chinese culture course base of the Institute of language and Styles in advance, and with an umbrella in the hazy rain and smoke tea house seemed to return to the era of a hundred schools of thought contended by the literati. Couldn't help taking a wave of beautiful photos, first revealed to everyone!

            Looking at mountains and water from the side door into the winding and secluded; to the main door will be found on the door of the two lion head copper ring handle, it is also a feature of our Chinese culture, has the evil spirit, auspicious meaning. Open the door, accompanied by the coming smell of the book is a "Hou de Tang" plaque, it reflects the thinking of China on behalf of Hou de. Under the plaque there is a hundred-year root carved tea table, can be here tea, appreciation of music (zither). On the right hand side of a large antique desk, let me have a kind of ancient private school into the illusion, we can sit together laughing and laughing, of course, learning Chinese is also a good place on the left side of the bookshelf exquisite unique, Each item exudes the traditional Chinese flavor.

            Then through the side door into the backyard, and there is a flavor, each place the details are right.There is a side room in the backyard, to be exact, the tea house. According to the leaf manager who showed me the way, there are good tea such as Pu'er, Tieguanyin and so on in the tea house, and it seems to smell a faint smell of tea in the tea house. There is also an ancient mahjong table in the backyard. How do you feel about it? we will invite several masters to play mahjong with our classmates every day, so that we can really understand the traditional leisure and entertainment life of the Chinese people. Finally, students who are interested in Chinese martial arts and Taoist learning should pay attention to it. We have invited the daffodils Taoist temple for us, the 16th generation of Wudang Mountain Zhang Sanfeng, who taught us to learn Taiji. The specific content I do not disclose more oh! Welcome to participate!

            Wuxi Mandarin Education is expected to open Yuhua Tea Xuan in mid-January 2019 as a base for Chinese language training and Chinese culture education. At that time it will provide some Chinese culture and language learning activities on a regular basis. These activities will be free for students who speak. Think carefully, in such a strong smell of books, holding a Guqin, painting a Chinese painting, a cup of good tea is how to enjoy. In addition, we have also set up many interesting cultural games for our students around the Spring Festival, such as: making up Chinese knots, writing Spring Festival couplets, playing mahjong, writing "Fu" and some chess games. The specific content I do not disclose more oh! Welcome to participate!

            Address in Wuxi New area Yangtze River International Hongyuan, want to participate in the students can come to sign up first!

            Scan the following group of QR code to join our Huhua Tea Xuan's big family bar, the specific activity time we will be announced in the group!

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