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          Mandarin Student Zack
          Mandarin Education School is a great place to learn Chinese and Chinese Culture.I've learned a lot in this school, my Chine...

          Learn Chinese Travel China
          If you want to learn Chinese and also discover China, Mandarin Education organize the most funny and cultural study tour. The...

          suzhou Mandarin Jude
          I am Jude, I am learning Mandarin in Suzhou Mandarin School,I was learning in Wuxi Mandarin Education too.I like my Chinse Teacher...

          chinese class
          Improve your reading, speaking and your writing by experiencing our teaching methods,Offer free student Visa. ...

          Wuxi Mandarin Jessie
          I've learned Chinese for almost 8 years, I can understand what Chinese people say,but when I speak, I feel very uncomfor...

          Chinese Internship or Jobs
          You are looking for a professional experience abroad? Get the opportunity to discover the Chinese business,Look for an ...

          Mandarinedu Student Florent
          I love my Wuxi Mandarin Education School. It is the EASY MANDARIN Learning way, I am learning faster than I wanted.My teach...

          Mandarin E Learning
          Mandarin Education School offers you Online Chinese Courses. It has never been so easier to have Chinese courses ...

          Mandarin Student Brad
          I am studying Chinese in Mandarin Education School. I can speak quit good Chinese and talk to Chinese people by myself. Thank...

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            School Telephone:

            0086 1866 1199 988

            0086  510-81151808






            Mandarin Education School

            Room 405, 4 Fl,Building No.8,

            Maoye Business Center,

            Chang jiang No.1,

            New district , Wuxi City , China

            Wuxi: Development

            Entering the 21st century, Wuxi has steadily advanced the development strategies. The construction of Xidong New City was launched conforming to the historical trend of the time relying on the Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway Station in Xishan District and opportunity of favorable geographical position. A group of words of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway Station, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Wuxi-Zhangjiagang Highway, Wuxi-Kunshan Highway, Wuxi Metro Line 2, Metro Line 4, Wuxi-Changshu Intercity Line B3 and Sunan Airport indicating regional advantages vantages are closely related to Xidong New City and will definitely promote the development of Xidong New City.

            Infrastructures of Xidong New City constructed fully considering the integration of “stations and urban areas” were basically completed after 4 years of joint efforts, and the frame for development was comprehensively constructed. Xidong New City will be constructed into another center of Wuxi and administrative, economic and cultural center of Xishan District, and will gather more resources and establish brands to improve influence. Xidong New City, an important strategic fulcrum for the development in the eastern Wuxi, is vigorously promoting the urbanization in eastern Wuxi.


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