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            Mandarin Education School

            Room 405, 4 Fl,Building No.8,

            Maoye Business Center,

            Chang jiang No.1,

            New district , Wuxi City , China

              About Mandarin Edu School:
              Mandarin Edu School language teaching center has 10 years experience of professor teaching foreigners to learn Chinese. One of our goals is to help the foreigners to understand Chinese and can use Chinese to communicate with people communication: we occupy the important position in the world provides a wide range of learning opportunities for the students in China: Chinese as a foreign language courses (from junior to senior, university education in China, enterprise practice, study Chinese, such as China development promotion of Chinese culture courses.
              Mandarin Edu School language teaching in the capital of shaanxi province in xi 'an, xi 'an is a depth explore of Chinese culture, a good place for improve the level of Chinese language, is also China's northwestern region of the political, economic and cultural center. With the development of tourism industry and the implementation of western development policy, xi 'an has become one of the key tourist cities in China, under the jurisdiction of the eight districts and five counties, covering an area of 99.83 million miles (10.66 million kilometers, the urban area), with a population of 7410000.
              Xi 'an language han language teaching center is by the Hong Kong wind wind international education group and authorized cooperation with the Chinese training institutions. With unique teaching method in the field of Chinese teaching is highly recognized and has been praised, but also was welcomed by all foreign students. Our faculty young, energetic, all the teachers are graduated from the school language class. All teachers in office before received at least 300 hours of training, and obtained the Chinese as a foreign language teacher's qualification certificate. Now has more than 200 students from different countries, different companies and different age paragraph the students in our center and to participate in the study project, believe that choose us, choose Mandarin Edu School language teaching, must bring you different China travel experience and feelings.
              About xi 'an:
              Xi 'an called chang 'an in han dynasty, connotation is the land of perpetual peace. At home and abroad to the glorious age of tang chang 'an become the oldest and the most prosperous international metropolis. In 1369 in xi 'an today. First on the list of China's six ancient capital in xian is a famous historical and cultural city. In the history of China successively have weeks, qin, han, sui, tang and other 13 dynasties established their capitals here.
              Xi 'an is the capital of shaanxi province, is China's northwestern region of the political, economic and cultural center. With the development of tourism and opening to the outside world policy, xi 'an has become one of the key tourist cities in China. Xi 'an consists of 8 districts and five counties, covering an area of 99.83 million miles (10.66 million kilometers, the urban area), a population of 6800000.
              Xi 'an is also the starting point of the silk road. The city is like a famous history museum. After thousands of years back in time, in the huge historical museum, you'll see more than 6000 years history of the matriarchal clan commune banpo remains, as early as the zhou dynasty, has more than 3000 years history of huaqing pool; Qin shihuang terracotta warriors, known as the eighth wonder of the world; Built in the tang dynasty pagoda and small wild goose pagoda. Bell tower and drum tower, built in the Ming dynasty collection old royal tombs of the forest of steles.
              As an important component of China's western development policy, xi 'an much attention. From 1997 to 1997, the gross value of industrial output rose from $811.3 million to $811.3 million in xian, the new service industry production value per year on average, 13.74% in surge, the traditional service industry is 0.74%. Xian is the largest economy in shaanxi province in 2010, the GDP of 32.41 billion yuan. This value with an average annual increase 14.5%, GDP of shaanxi province by about 41.8%. In xi 'an, at least 58 countries has established more than 2560 companies, including 19 in the top fortune 500 companies, "wealth", such as ABB, mitsubishi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Coca-Cola, and the Boeing company.
              Xi 'an key industries including equipment manufacturing, tourism and service outsourcing. Manufacturing capacity of 3.65 billion yuan, accounting for 44.5% of the total in the whole city. In addition, as one of China's six ancient capital, xi 'an has rich cultural heritage, including the terracotta warriors, xi 'an city wall, famen temple, etc. Rich cultural heritage makes tourism of xi 'an is an important industry. In 2010, 520000 domestic tourists visited xi 'an, total is 4.052 billion RMB. This value is increased by 36.4% a year on average, foreign exchange income (more than $2009 in 5.3 million) growth at around 35.8%. Xi 'an is one of the first batch of service outsourcing in China, has more than 800 service outsourcing companies. In 2012, the industry output value of more than 4.2 billion yuan in the city. From 1997 to 1997, the number of jobs in the industry has more than doubled from 60000, computer sales also doubled, from 16000 to 32000. Due to the importance of software outsourcing industry, the city is planning to build a new town of software, is expected to be completed in 2015 to invest 2015 yuan. Xi 'an export, the main products including lighting and auto parts and its main products are mechanical and electrical products to be imported. Internationally, xian is America's largest trading partner. With the development of chengdu and chongqing, xi 'an has become an important part of the west triangle economic zone.
              While visiting xi 'an is the most pleasant season is autumn, but passengers often has started in the summer (may - August).
              Xi 'an tourist attractions recommended:





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              Mandarinedu school Web Dep.

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