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            Mandarin Education School

            Room 405, 4 Fl,Building No.8,

            Maoye Business Center,

            Chang jiang No.1,

            New district , Wuxi City , China

              Wuxi is located in the south of jiangsu province, taihu lake, the Yangtze river in the north, south, zhejiang and anhui provinces, west of changzhou, suzhou city in the east, wind language teaching Chinese as a foreign language center, wuxi is located in the scenic shore of the jiangnan city of wuxi. West 183 kilometers from nanjing, 128 kilometers from Shanghai to the east. The beijing-hangzhou grand canal, north and south, famous throughout China and in the intersection. The terrain to the plains, fertile land, rich products, channel flow and river valley, is the famous "land of fish and rice". Xishan, jiangyin, yixing three county-level cities. The city's total area of 4656 square kilometers and a population of about 4.26 million. The city covers an area of 343 square kilometers and a population of about 6.38 million (2012), is second to the nanjing city, jiangsu province area. Has now developed into has light industry, textiles, electronics, chemical industry, machinery industry in the medium-sized city.
              Wuxi, China one of the super city in east China as well as the first approved by the state council of the larger city, national famous historical and cultural city, one of the fifteen economic center cities. Is known as "the pearl of taihu lake", is located in the Yangtze river delta plain hinterland, the traffic center of the taihu lake basin, leaning against changjiang river and taihu lake in the south, the east of suzhou, changzhou in the west, the beijing-hangzhou grand canal runs through. Wuxi since ancient times is the China famous land of fish and rice, one of China's four big market, is also a busy modern city, one of the cradles of the Chinese national industry, known as cloth wharf, pier money, little known as Shanghai. Wuxi is located in the taihu lake, beautiful scenery, long history of one thousand years, is in the chiangnan misty misty rain spawned a shinning pearl of tai lake. Above there is heaven, below there are suzhou and hangzhou, and the "best in taihu lake, after all, can the head" is the poet guo moruo and used to describe the jiangnan city beautiful scenery, wuxi.
              Wuxi city logo with "jade FeiFeng" as the main body in the modelling, and landscape
              Wuxi city ever, flower constitute a complete, a complete cultural symbol. Burial site unearthed jade FeiFeng Yu Hong climbing the countries, is the precious cultural heritage of wuxi, the shape of the message, the xiang dynamic posture, wuxi yu people's intelligent, witty, auspicious take-off in wuxi city. Water lines was sitting on the Yangtze river, taihu lake, the ancient canal in wuxi, two springs, and three mountain modelling photograph echo, moral wuxi is beautiful and livable appropriate swim landscape city.
              Wuxi City Song,
              Creation on January 4, 1978, February 3, 2002 through the lyrics by Ren Gongju, Long Fei composition "taihu beauty". Creation of taihu lake with the beauty in taihu lake, the released soon welcome by the masses.
              Flower: the cuckoo, the plum blossom
              Were made: the camphor tree
              Status: level city, big city and megalopolis, confirmed by the state council five deputy centre city Yangtze river delta, wuxi and suzhou as jiangsu high with two municipal party committee secretary of the provincial party committee standing committee of the city.
              Wuxi is an ancient city of jiangnan in our country, it has a history of more than 3000 years. According to "historical records" records, the shang dynasty, the eldest son Zhou Dawang taber and his brother ZhongYong settled here from shaanxi, fortification in merry (now) XiShanShi plum village area, build "GouWu", this is the beginning of wuxi culture and wuxi city.
              Wuxi in the name of the first in hanshu, mouth his drought-striken fields Wang Dongqian (around 770 B.C.), we found the tin side of shandong. Tin is a raw material for smelting bronze at the time the outbreak of the locals and outsiders for hundreds of years of bloodshed. By the end of the warring states tin dwindling. Will the qin in 224 BC, qin shi huang in xishan found a stone tablet, engraved with: tin soldiers, world war; Wuxi, all clear. "Wuxi world ning" expressed the taiping life of people's desire for peace, therefore the name of the "wuxi" stuck in such a way that became the name of the city.
              Economic development has a profound basis of wuxi. As early as the Ming dynasty, weaving, pottery and porcelain, brick and other handicraft industry is very developed. The middle of the 19th century, wuxi and jiujiang, changsha, wuhu collectively known as "China's four big market". Since this century, wuxi is relying on its superior natural conditions, as China's national industry raw materials base and the industrial and commercial developed city, known as "little Shanghai".
              Wuxi economic development have a certain relationship with good climate conditions. Wuxi north subtropical monsoon climate zone, the climate is mild and humid, rainfall, four seasons, become the rich land of taihu basin. Geography and climate also provides conditions for breeding, the taihu lake in the produce of all kinds of aquatic products of dozens of varieties, especially in most famous whitebait, crab. In addition, native products: wuxi fake (huishan), big sauce sparerib (wuxi), empty oil gluten (wuxi) has become the best gift relatives and friends.
              Convenient traffic convenience is provided for guests to wuxi tourism. Aviation: wuxi airport.lt airport has opened in Beijing, fuzhou, foshan, huiyang multiple routes, etc. Railway: wuxi is located in the beijing-shanghai line, every day stay in wuxi express more than hundred columns, in major cities across the country have a train to wuxi. Highway: shanghai-nanjing expressway through wuxi, and east China every city tourism car commute every day; Article 9 the state roads, provincial roads into radial leads to the national, the province.

              Wuxi tourism resources are unique, there are known as "best place" in taihu lake YuanTouZhu huishan, "jiangnan first mountain"; There are named after the deep fan li LiYuan; Jiangnan famous mei appreciation.it garden and the name "YuanZhongYuan JiChangYuan" and so on. Also has in recent years, the new "Tang Cheng", "city of The Three Kingdoms", "water tour city" and other film and television shooting bases. These landscape, make the tourists at the same time of ornamental lakes landscape xiuse, and enjoy the spectacular in the history of Chinese classic picture.

              See more Wuxi traveling details:

              The Big Buddha The Turtle's Park Li Yuan Park The Second Spring in the world Li hu Lake Park Centre
              Taber Temple Huishan ancient town City of the three kingdoms Water Margin City Xi Hui Park

              Wu Kingdoms Cultural Park Ma Shan Park Tai Hu lake Square Chong'an Temple Nan Chan Temple

              Grand Canal Xue's Residence Hongshan Site Museum Hongshan cemetery Nan Chang Street

              Li Hu Lake Dragon's Head Park Wuxi Museum Liang Hong wetland A Bing's former residence

              Jichang Park Plum Park Qianzhongshu Residence Yixing Shanjuandong Yixing Bamboo Sea Scenic Area

              Donglin Academy ZhaoSi Temple Tang Cheng City Xu Xiake's former residence The Longbei mountain Forest Park

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