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        Students Say

          Mandarin Student Zack
          Mandarin Education School is a great place to learn Chinese and Chinese Culture.I've learned a lot in this school, my Chine...

          Learn Chinese Travel China
          If you want to learn Chinese and also discover China, Mandarin Education organize the most funny and cultural study tour. The...

          suzhou Mandarin Jude
          I am Jude, I am learning Mandarin in Suzhou Mandarin School,I was learning in Wuxi Mandarin Education too.I like my Chinse Teacher...

          chinese class
          Improve your reading, speaking and your writing by experiencing our teaching methods,Offer free student Visa. ...

          Wuxi Mandarin Jessie
          I've learned Chinese for almost 8 years, I can understand what Chinese people say,but when I speak, I feel very uncomfor...

          Chinese Internship or Jobs
          You are looking for a professional experience abroad? Get the opportunity to discover the Chinese business,Look for an ...

          Mandarinedu Student Florent
          I love my Wuxi Mandarin Education School. It is the EASY MANDARIN Learning way, I am learning faster than I wanted.My teach...

          Mandarin E Learning
          Mandarin Education School offers you Online Chinese Courses. It has never been so easier to have Chinese courses ...

          Mandarin Student Brad
          I am studying Chinese in Mandarin Education School. I can speak quit good Chinese and talk to Chinese people by myself. Thank...

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            Wechat: MandarinGroup

            to get more informations

            School Telephone:

            0086 1866 1199 988

            0086  510-81151808






            Mandarin Education School

            Room 405, 4 Fl,Building No.8,

            Maoye Business Center,

            Chang jiang No.1,

            New district , Wuxi City , China

              Mandarin Education school Honors

              2012~2014 The most preferred school of Foreign companies Chinese training in  Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou Xi'an.

              2012~2014 China International Education Exchange  students in colleges and universities cooperation unit by Jiangnan  university, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,China and Germany m&e tech university...

              December, 2014,      Authorized "Wuxi Chinese Goverment HSK,HSKK,BCT,YCT Test Center"
              October, 2014,     "Prize for Excellent performance" by Information Office of Jiangsu Province Government and Jiangsu Broadcasting Copporation.
              June, 2014,       "3.15 customer recommended Education Institution in Jiangsu" by Jiangsu Broadcasting Copporation.  
              December. 2013,       "Prize for The Best Organization" By Information Office of Jiangsu Province Government.
              December, 2013,    "The best original Perform" by Information Office of Jiangsu Province Government and Jiangsu Broadcasting Copporation. 

              October, 2013 ”the Media recommend top school brands“ by Jiangsu TV station Golden Jiangsu Column
              May,  2013 "Honorary Life member of international Chinese  language teachers" and "teachers teaching Chinese as a foreign  language researching demonstration unit of Jiangsu province" by International Chinese Teachers Association.
              May,  2013 "Mandarin and Chinese culture training strategic cooperation unit“ by CID-Ghana.
              May,  2013 The Internship and Chinese learning cooperative school of Wuxi International Educational Exchanging Centre of WUxi Education bureau.
              April,  2013 "Teaching Chinese as a foreign language teachers  training member unit" and " Chinese teaching researching Unit" by International Certification Association
              March, 2013 "Language supplier member of Wuxi new District human resources association"
              March, 2013 Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation (group) "the top ten best schools in Jiangsu"
              March,  2013 Jiangsu television station:  "the most influential cooperatively-run school of Jiangsu province"
              December,  2012 “strategic partner unit in mainland and Yangtze river delta”
              October, 2012 The Cervantes institute and Custer  weng city’s important partner of Chinese and Spanish.
              September,  2012 We won the “talent award” in the "2012 Jiangsu’s Got Foreign Talent Singing Competition" hosted by Information Office of Jiangsu Province Government and Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation.
              July  2012 Jiangnan University and we were representative of Wuxi city to participate the "2012 Jiangsu’s Got Foreign Talent Singing Competition" hosted by Information Office of Jiangsu Province Government and Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation.
              July,2012 the only cooperative unit designated by  Suzhou、Wuxi、Changzhou of “Mandarin, Chinese culture courses andEuropean internship program”
              May,2012 "Organizational  unit" for the Mandarin HSK Chinese test.
              April, 2012 International students internship program authorization School of Jiangsu
              December,2011 Focus in Jiangsu Province “educational training institution with good faith” in Jiangsu TV.

              25th of February, 2010,  Wuxi Mandarinedu School start our Chinese teaching services to foreign expats.

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